LCA Volunteers and how to get involved

Now you've read all about the fantastic variety of social events the LCA is involved in and you're keen to get involved in our organisation here's how:


To become an LCA member, please either call into the LCA office during office hours or telephone Trudy requesting an application form on 01372 360508. If completing an application form, please don't forget to add an SAE or state clearly that you are happy to collect your membership card from the office.


If you are already an LCA member and happy to volunteer for additional duties, we are always looking for volunteers willing to go the extra mile.


Can you help coordinate outings, lectures, refreshments etc.?


Have you got a particular area of expertise that you think we could benefit from?


Do you have links with speakers who you think would be of interest to our Tea and Talks event?


Would you like to start up a new member's club?


Ideas are always welcome and volunteers always needed for the member's coffee rota and library rota. Please contact Trudy in the office on either 01372 360508 or email


Interested in a more involved role? As a current LCA member, are you interested in becoming an LCA Trustee? Quarterly Trustee meetings are held within the Institute building with an Annual General Meeting to keep our members up to date with recent events, refurbishments etc.

Contact June Robinson for more details on: